Someone who is too good to be in reality, just as good as those on video games. Most commonly used to describe an athlete.
by sky123 May 16, 2011
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A fun distraction from your sucky, boring lives. Most adults will blame video games and other things that bring children joy on every bad thing the child does, but they are full of crap and ignorance. Without video games, we would never be able to escape from crappy old reality.
by DERP_MASTER April 20, 2017
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Where society always blames when a mass shooting happens
News: 17 killed in Stoneman Douglas High School Donald Trump and Politics: It’s these damn video games
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by Manwhore55 September 25, 2019
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The way that adults, especially non-gamers, spell video game.
"Videogames are evil!" remarked Joe Liberman.
by Ainolketta March 23, 2005
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A great escape from reality because mine sucks so bad.
Live in their world, play in mine.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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Holy shit, we played soooo many video games last night, by the time we finished, I could hardly walk.
by RapedbyJesus August 22, 2006
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Tool used for feeling more supreme than your significant other, usually a female.
"Yeah, Frank, I'm here, playing video games. Which one, you say? Advance Wars 2. I'm beating my wife."
by $$$ February 21, 2004
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