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Victimitis: A disease that makes the person inflicted with it a victim in every situation.
1. He is not required to pay his mortgage, he has victimitis and did not know what the word variable meant.

2. My victimitis and diabetes is flaring up, it is not my fault as I only had 1 two-liter of Sunkist, 2 breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds and am finally down to 300 pounds.

3. It is not my fault that I was fired, I suffer from victimitis and only called in sick 23 days last year.

4. It is not my fault that I was forced to declare bankruptcy, on top of my victimitis I had to buy my wife some gastric bypass surgery, a follow-up tummy tuck, and a $900 bicycle that I am to fat to ride.
by Zap0410 September 02, 2009
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Victimitis is a very fatal disease that turns infected people into victims in every situation possible. The prevalence of this disease among the US population has remarkably increased during the last decade or so. There are no official statistics, but a couple of experts indicated that it is higher than ever!

The final stage of this disease is called SJW. SJW is the stage of Victimitis infection that occurs when the infected individual's sense of reason is badly damaged and they become vulnerable to opportunistic infections like feminism, identity politics, pretentious-PTSD, etc. Places with a higher risk of exposure are, but not limited to: Tumblr (Do not travel), Gender Studies Departments (reconsider travel), BuzzFeed (Exercise increased caution), safe spaces (Do not travel), Twitter (Exercise normal precautions).

Victimitis is highly viral; however, the disease distribution is affected by the geographic location and the political scene. In the US, it has a higher prevalence in the East Coast (especially Maryland) and the west coast (specifically, California).
- I opened the door for a fat girl yesterday and she was offended
- why?
- She said I am sexist because she can open it herself
- She must be infected with victimitis!
by elsaabka August 07, 2018
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