Victimism can similarly be defined as a kind of philosophy whereby one chooses to perpetually see one's self as a victim of some sort for the purpose of accruing sympathy and empathy. The ultimate purpose of victimism is simply to attain social power, influence, and status by exploiting the well meaning sympathies and good intentions of the general populace for its social/political support. If one "plays the victim" one can gain power and influence by exploiting the sympathies of the masses.
The newly coined term of "mansplaining" supports an overarching philosophy of victimism employed to great effect by feminists. Mansplaining is a passive/aggressive ploy to silence men by claiming victimization whenever, in the course of ordinary conversation, a man interrupts a woman when she's speaking. The evil act of mansplaining only ever occurs if a man interrupts a woman. It never happens when a man interrupts another man or a woman interrupts another woman. In those cases no victimization has occurred because a man hasn't taken the occasion to "victimize" a woman. Any interruption is a bit rude and confrontational , as we all know; but it's also a pretty standard part of human debating and discussion. However, if a man ever interrupts a woman for any reason ever, a "crime" has taken place. If you ask the woman, she'll explain at great length about her victimization whereas the man will simply shrug his shoulders and wonder what the big deal is.
by Praaaaavda May 11, 2016
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When one or group live in a perpetual state of anxiety, worry, anger and hate because they feel they are owed something by someone or something.

A Victimist can range from a welfare-taking bum to a pompous, selfish rich asshole to the spoilt middle-class emo. They often vague in their grievances and don't know how to solve themselves. They are unintelligent, idle, lazy but perceive themselves differently. They are easily swept up by biased media outlets e.g. Fox News and other mainstream bullshit like the "Tea Party Movement". They'll happily complain without knowing the facts and they'll tell lies to benefit themselves. They are more emotive than rational.

They feel hard done by society so they choose to sit on the sidelines and complain about it. They are often "pathetic" in the pure sense of the word. "FML" is popular term used by Victimists.They are the type of people who argue in internet chatrooms (Youtube) with other Victimists.

Victimists are related closely with people who complain about "political correctness". They are the ones who start racist facebook groups complaining "about the immigrants taking their jobs" or "the muslims taking over" or "Black people say N***** so why can't I say it!?"

Furthermore, Victimism is a cousin of Individualism in the sense that the motives behind them are for their own personal gain.
Welfare Bum: I can't work because I won't have enough time to watch TV and eat junk food. I'm stressed out enough as it is ok! I have a sore back and find it too too painful to work! Benefits are too low and need to be raised! The government doesn't care about poor people! Cries

Rich Asshole: OMG The government are taking all my money and giving it to dirty, poor people. I don't want to pay for government services for folks poorer than myself, leave me alone! The government wants to turn us into Socialists! Cries

Middle-Class Emo: Life is so hard. I have my parents in my ear about my exams and the girl I have been talking to on Facebook for ages won't respond to me anymore. On top of that, my parents won't let me go travelling for 9 months! FML. Yeah man fuck society! Society sucks! Everyone is a dick. I have it all figured out. Really Loud Cries

Normal, rational person:^ All of those idiots above are perpetuating Victimism.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething August 10, 2010
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The official fanclub of the US rock band "The Killers". Fans that know every single song including demos, album tracks, b sides and christmas songs, not just Mr Brightside or Human.

Will usually reject Hot Fuss as the best album and say Sam's Town is instead. Don't just love them because of Brandon Flowers. Usually found on The Victims site, in Twitter communities or gigs. Usually noticiable by the official Victims shirt. Probably the most devoted group of fans...
You know of The Victims?

No who are they?

The Killers official fanclub
by causeidontshine January 18, 2011
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Victimitis: A disease that makes the person inflicted with it a victim in every situation.
1. He is not required to pay his mortgage, he has victimitis and did not know what the word variable meant.

2. My victimitis and diabetes is flaring up, it is not my fault as I only had 1 two-liter of Sunkist, 2 breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds and am finally down to 300 pounds.

3. It is not my fault that I was fired, I suffer from victimitis and only called in sick 23 days last year.

4. It is not my fault that I was forced to declare bankruptcy, on top of my victimitis I had to buy my wife some gastric bypass surgery, a follow-up tummy tuck, and a $900 bicycle that I am to fat to ride.
by Zap0410 September 02, 2009
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One who has encountered Chuck Norris.

He met Chuck Norris and was instanly a victim.

by the swiftone February 15, 2007
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anyone involved in a misfortunate situation such as ridicule,injury,death,taken advantage of etc.
No one should be a victim of anyone's abuse.
by Gerard Irick March 11, 2009
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If you are truly a Killers fan and when asked a question and answer with a reference to The Killers, and the other person doesn't understand the meaning of what you said you answer again with"It's a victim thing you wouldn't understand!"
by Emmers! December 16, 2006
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