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Sweetman is a term used when to described a male with huge penis - this term is believed to come from Sweden; where it is pronounced Svetmanne (s-vhet-man-er).
My Boyfriend has a Sweetman; its godly!

by Joshua Samuel February 07, 2008
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If someone is pulling a sweetman then they're exotically technonicing on the dance floor without any clothes on.
Oh shit, that chicks pulling a Sweetman!
by richie_2fast4u August 25, 2010
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A name you give to someone to make them feel better about themselves when in all actuality they will never accomplish anything in life except sitting around their tiny one bedroom house jerking off for the rest of there lives.
That guy sitting on his front porch is a sweetman.
by shibby55657 October 20, 2009
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