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Used most commonly by those that live in the United Kingdom/Britain or accross the pond.

Describes and denotes the sheer lack of:
- intelect
- self-respect
- creativity
- government services
in an area and where its population can be:
- obsessed with fast food
- clinicly obese
- unable to speak English GB
- unable to write English GB or traditional Prose.
- consisting of chavs
- unable to get 80 on an IQ test
- very communal, no such thing in traditional England, we hate our neighbours.

Note: this word is NOT spelt with a Z.

The act of Americanisation is where something is made to comply with the above. Americanising a community would consist of getting a McDonalds built.
Where the streets seem very, very straight, like 5 Roman Roads all connecting.

American franchises hanging everywhere, like KFC, McDonalds etc.
by Hamdev Guru March 09, 2005
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Something which has been dumbned-down so much as to be suitable for people of an extremely low (or even negative) IQ.
The making of everything worse.
Wow i can't believe that everything is americanised nowadays
by superostia November 12, 2003
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