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A USA Military Grade Bomb, designed with plutonium and nuclear KFC. One of the most deadliest bombs in the world. It requires 20 helicopters to successfully lift up one Lizzo
President Trump: Ok Lizzo, we’re dropping you on Iran.
Iranian General: اللعنة المقدسة القرف حوت!!!!!
by Farquaad January 10, 2020
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New Toronto Slang for a $20 Dollar Bill. A lizzo doesn't refer to the rapper but Queen E(liz)abeth
Maples Up, Lizzos Down
by legen-waitforit-dairy January 27, 2021
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The only person in the entire world who’s allowed to twerk in public or on public tv
Hannah: Damn when Lizzo twerks it’s fun
Hannah: and when you twerk Zoe, it’s gross
Zoe: well same with you!
Hannah: you’re right...
by Kidswillbekids January 16, 2020
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I’m rolling up lizzos all fuckin day today say that.

Two blunts or a lizzo w the leaf ?
by glnrob December 16, 2019
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A unit of mass
One Lizzo is equal to 2 tons or 1814.37kg
How much does your car weigh
About 2.9 Lizzos
by Big420Brain69 December 2, 2020
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An Adjective used to describe a big but attractive woman. A BBW could be described as a Lizzo.
Damn bro I need me a Lizzo u heard they’ll suck the soul outta you
by Chad Chett January 12, 2022
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