The condition where frequently driving at high speeds affects your overall sense of speed. You become permanently velocitized.
George is suffering from velocitization from his highway commute every morning.
by MH PV February 18, 2008
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"I got off the freeway onto a 25 mph street and got pulled over. I didn't even notice I was speeding because I was velocitized."
by Georgie Pants November 17, 2003
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to molest or hurt someone

origin: to throw or be thrown violently
Oliver: "You makin' me mad I'm bout to velocitate you"
Lawson: "No bro I dont want no mexican touching me"
Oliver: "Too bad. I'm already bricked up"
by gedlygeem February 2, 2022
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A verb meaning to become "speed blind". After travelling at what initially feels like high speed for a while (typically in a car), your brain become accustomed to how fast everything rushes past, so that it no longer looks fast. This leads you to subconciously underestimate your speed. When you slow down to "normal" speed, it feels like you're barely moving.
I was in a rush to get home last night, and I velocitated so bad I almost crashed on the exit ramp.
by GCNewsom May 18, 2006
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A person who enjoys and often practices activities which involve speed and velocity.
Jane is a velociteer, she must have passed me at more than a hundred miles per hour.
by Jeffip January 15, 2008
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to smoke weed and drink alcohol at the same time; synonym for cross-fading, can also be used as “velocitizing” or “velocitized” depending on the tense used in the sentence.
my dude, you tryin’ to velocitize?
by mwojcik May 3, 2019
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an object that has, or has been given velocity
It hurts when a volocitized object hits your head.
by Blake November 12, 2002
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