a person doin crimes but not mallisicously
if u steal little things,do graffiti,fight

(a)-yo thats a nice wall sneek it
by KrimeTime5.5.09. May 24, 2009
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An app that allows people to anonymously post pics and videos on their phones. Posts are organized by college and may be graphic.
Did you see the pictures on sneek of the ZTA party last night?
by gsu December 28, 2015
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a sports neek, someone who only likes people based on their sporting ability, or general athleticism.
guy 1: ' ha! you cant even play cricket'
guy 2: 'dude you're such a sneek'
by mattyfattyboy1 June 12, 2011
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An operative, private intelligence personnel, private investigator, business intelligence personnel, spy, agent provocateur, smooth operator. A Sneek is someone who engages in clandestine or covert operations on behalf of a civilian individual or organization. A Sneek is a Spook in civilian terms.
Lets run some of Sneeks and see what we can dig up.
by forhire May 24, 2020
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Someone who is sly and two faced, comes off as passive aggressive
Person A: Our teacher is such a sneek
Person B: I know right?
by HanakosNumber1Fish March 31, 2021
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The act of sneaking out of a party so you can go home and escape friends that won’t let you leave because they want to keep partying.
Steve: Hey, has anybody seen Scott and Lori?
Tammy: Lori went to the bathroom a while ago and never came back. I think they pulled a Sneekely.
by n8dizzawg September 5, 2021
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