Valor: Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery. Simple words with limitless possibilities, how ever all direct action to a common virtue; the fight for preservation of life wither it’s their own or another’s. A single act of valor can rewrite the history books and leave an echo across eternity. A man can only be remembered for so long, but their chronicle holds no bounds.
The gift of valor, all have it and few use it.
by Guerra July 23, 2006
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Valor is boy who is weird but in a good way. he seems like he isnt affected by your harsh tones or mean words but in side it sjust all building up and he beaks awften
man i said something mean to valor and just broke down
by weird_world_2020 April 15, 2020
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One of 3 Pokemon Go Teams, the others being Mystic and Instinct. This is one of the most popular team choices in Pokemon Go. Team Valor's color is Red, Moltres is Team Valor's symbol.
"Hey, you should join Team Valor. It's the best!"
by Imarru August 11, 2016
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A CSGO and Overwatch baby that wont give me a fucking closed beta key
Hey John, let's play that new game Valorant
by DankZenyx April 11, 2020
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When you about to stick your dick inside of her and you scream "PREPARE FER HELLFIRE" and give her the fattest anal she has ever seen
I pulled The Valorant when I fucked her.
by Proxivirus April 13, 2021
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the game that you tell others you don't play anymore because you lied and said "uninstalling" after getting shot by a jett with an op 5 times in a row.

others: ok srsly? jk don't care + didn't ask + ratio

you: yes
by blonkyy January 20, 2022
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