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Valley Springs

A small town in the foothills east of Stockton. No one knows that it exists. The town has very few stores or attractions and people complain about the 4-way stop traffic. A nice place to drive by on the way to somewhere else. Also has Burger King if you're hungry.
-Where are you from?
-Valley Springs.
-haven't heard of it...
-Don't worry, no one has.
by mervel March 02, 2011
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a small town consisting of one four-way stop, no traffic lights, constant run-ins with people at the only grocery store, 45 minute drives to the movies, and just recently opened up taco bell.
marsha - where are we?
louise - i think we are in a town
marsha - it must be a valley springs
by Louise:] May 18, 2008
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Located in Calaveras County
Founded by Mexicans. This small town is located in the gold miners country. It consists of one four-way stop, 1 and a half grocery stores, 2 gas stations and a few fast food restaurants. Also home to Hogan Lake. This town is a small hick town out in the stix. The nearest high school is 15 minuts away. There is only one way to this high school and it consists of a twising road through the foothills where you eventually lose signal for the radio. This town is also known as Loserville, Hickville, and Where-the-hell-am-i-ville.
Jane: Look!!! We are in Valley Springs!!!
John: Where? I missed it, I must have blinked.
by vw_kat October 09, 2008
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