The best song ever made by 50 and the game
Guy 1: Yo u heard the remix for hate it or love
Guy 2: Yea it just gets beter and beter
by sukhvinder March 25, 2005
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when you like or love someone so much - but your not the type to do that because you know you will get your heart broken and you hate liking people or falling in love- that you hate them. it makes you so mad that someone like them could do that to you. Hes perfect, hes funny, hes everything. but why did you have to like him. So, you hate him and you say you would never date them because you know that it would never work out, but in the back of your head behind all that "hate" you would always be there for him and love him, and you wish to be with him. but you hate him.
by natmun April 14, 2021
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when you hate somebody for maybe a year(or more) but then you realize they aren't that bad
she hated him but now she loves him. she just won't admit it. "hate then love"
by Imao128 January 2, 2019
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The chant Marilyn Manson always gives to a crowd at an audience to recite, frequently before playing "Irresponsible Hate Anthem".
1. Marilyn Manson: And all the children say, "We hate love, we love hate, we hate. . ."
Audience: ". . .love, we love hate. . "
2. I haven't seen any performance of "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" by Marilyn Manson where he hasn't got the audience to chant the "we-hate-love, we-love-hate" thing.
by S-C-R-E-W-I-T September 30, 2007
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A person who is born under the zodiac sign of Virgo whom one is in love with, but is a very difficult person to love and understand.
"Damn it! Chris is such a hate to love Virgo! I'm never going to understand him!"
by Corinne Simpson October 14, 2006
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Something you want to hate but you love at the same time
Girl 1: i hate chocolate
Boy 1: No you hate love it
Girl 2 : Don't correct her, But it true you do hate love it
Girl 1: NO I DON'T
GIRL 1: FIne bitch
by MamaBecky December 5, 2018
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The first line of corpses music video "e girls are ruining my life!'
Choke me like you hate me but you love me (meme)
by DuelKatanaNinja2 January 6, 2021
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