**Not to be confused with computer science

(noun, uncountable)

Informatics is the emerging scientific study of information and data acquisition, storage, processing, manipulation, and retrieval, and the development and engineering of information systems. Fields of informatics include bioinformatics, urban informatics, behavioral informatics (BI), geoinformatics, and ecoinformatics. Informatics is the short form for information sciences. Short forms are commonly adopted by many advanced technological disciplines including aeronautics and robotics. Aeronautics, for example, is an umbrella term for both aeronautical science and aeronautical/aerospace engineering.

See also: information sciences, information systems engineering, information engineering, emerging field
"To distinguish themselves from those in similar fields, people in the field of urban informatics are called either civil or urban technologists"
by PrehistoricFish August 27, 2020
An academic field, basically the same thing as computer science, it's a compound word of 'Information' and 'Mathematics'. Mostly used in europe.

Informatics cover a broad spread of topics, in general it is about data storage, procession and transmission. While it is a science on it's own, it can also be viewed as a meta science much like mathematics for the process of information gathering and processing taking place in all academic fields.

Has the advantage over the term "computer science" that people don't confuse it with learning how to operate a computer.
"So uh, you study computer science?"
"It's called Informatics!"
"What's the difference?"
"Not much really, just the fact that Informatics doesn't have all too much to do with computers- just like computer science."
" 'Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.'

-- Edsger W. Dijkstra"
by Baal'Zebul February 28, 2011
Some sort of watered down computer science rip-off. No one actually knows what it is, but everyone in academia likes to use the word.
That guy is majoring in Informatics, whatever that is.
by John Stigall April 23, 2005
A combined form of a number of computer-science disciplines. Like if you study a lot of different things in computer science, the course is known a an informatics cource.
who the hell really cares about informatics?
by Gunkglumb June 6, 2005
A subject very much like computer science.

Often used synonymous to computer science, particularly in European universities.
#1: That guy is such a nerd. I bet he majors in computer science major.
#2: Actually his major is informatics. But there's no difference anyway.
by JimboDimbo April 18, 2010