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Another word for vagina. (Based from the word, vagitarian, one who strictly eats vaginas. Vagitarian comes from the word vegetarian, one who strictly eats vegetables.)
Lesbian mom: Eat your vagitables everyday so you can grow big and strong! Like a real dyke!
Vagitable Ad: One bottle of vagitable juice contains 8 servings of vagitables!
Chelsea: How did you lose so much weight? You look great!
Olivia: I became a vagitarian.
by Chelicopter October 20, 2010
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Vegetable sticks which are tactically handed out in strip clubs; usually served with an accompanying dip that is widely rumoured to contain female stripper ejaculate. The main purpose of these vegetables sticks is to mimic the act of fellatio resulting in the arousal of male customers. Once aroused, customers are more susceptible to parting with their cash in order to have some vagina shaken in their face. However, irritated bowels are often a side effect associated with vagitable consumption, usually arising from the dip.
Cheryl: Ahhh, my poo is so liquidy this morning!

Slams: Maybe you should have eased up on those vagitables last night at the titty bar!
by dopeyg812 May 20, 2010
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Things that guys like unless there gay. Other words used to
monkey: "wow i hell as enjoyed that guys vagitables last night"

fozzy: "dude guys dont have vagitables only girls do i know from experience :D"
by mr fozzy March 25, 2008
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A type of vegetable. Can be related with vaginas and usually only liked with beef.
Me: "Why don't you like vegetables?"
James: "I only like vagitables with beef, like EW."
by Acrimonyyy August 13, 2017
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