4 definitions by scag

When youre skateboarding and your wheel gets caught on debree in the street.
Damn! I got scagged on this pebble
by scag January 20, 2005
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-the choppa blast

-a gun used for crime and vast amounts of destruction
Grip the Skidididly incase a nigga get silly

The gripskididly is also referred to as a gun.
by scag May 23, 2019
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A small child; can be applied from ages 0-8.
Wow, that little kid was such a toddlebag.
by scag January 25, 2005
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Term made popular by Scary Movie. When a desperate loser with a small penis gets pleasure for the sucking power of a dust buster.
Patrick Valenti stuck his dick in a vacuum cleaner, desperate for a blow job!
by scag January 20, 2005
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