term exclusive only to GAYS. means act of ANAL SEX.

uring- butt fuck
inuring- butt fucked
inu-uring- currently butt fucking
uuringin- will be butt fucked
uringan- butt fucking
nag-uuringan- currently butt fucking
napapa-uring- butt fuckee
umu-uring- butt fucker
ang macho mo naman, gusto ko magpa-ring sayo. "you're so macho, i want to be butt fucked by you"

yung dalawang bakla nag-uuringan. " those fags are butt fucking each other"

ang cute mo! nagpapa-uring ka ba? "you're cute! do you like to be butt fucked?"

umu-uring ka ba? " do you butt fuck?"
by porkyporkpork May 12, 2007
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