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somwhere in the middle of manchester, where people usually go to do/deal drugs, meet up and meet new people, mainly scene kids hang around at the top of urbis, the indie kids, or once were brutal now turned inde kids, hang around outside starbucks, the moshers hang around on the really screbby bit "mosher mud", and the chavs hang with the scene kids, everyone is usually drunk, high or on some kind of substance, you should try it sometime, but you do deny going there if people ask you, emos give it a bad name, bcos they run up to people and say FREE HUG, or something totally inapropriate.
"zommmmmmg free hugs, its urbis man"
"fuck off you big emo,(to friends) lets get high"
"im not brutaly anymore, im indie"
"nah mand, indies not in, were all going hardcore again"
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Art Gallery in Manchester that's basicly a huge Garden for Goths to hang out on Grass without Chavs bothering them. Random people will run up to you and hug you if they are high.
"Everyone was shit faced on Saturday"
"Ye someone jumped on my back an raped me."
by WHEEEEEEEEEEE April 26, 2005
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when a female holds your cold and/or sore balls while walking down a street.
Pimp: "girl my nuts be hurtin"
Hoe: "awww big dady do you need an Urbi?"
by Wizzy McWizz November 12, 2007
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