The prettiest person alive. It means beautiful in Arabic and all the boys are in love with her. People pick on her because they’re so jealous of her.
Zena’s friend: hey, why do u pick on Zena
Random irrelevant guy: tbh, it’s only cos I’m madly in love with her
by Alliwantistobeloved June 2, 2019
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Zena is a caring, loveable friend that you could not live with. They are quite athletic and have good taste in music and/or literature. If they were to be a instrument in a band they would have to be a bass guitar! If you know one, don’t let them go!
Hey who’s that really cool girl that we met in the library?
Oh her? She’s definitely a Zena!
by ariel_ryan May 7, 2021
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A beautiful, funny, nice and caring person. Great in all aspects of life. Will kick ass if you mess with her friends! Usually very skinny and brown eyes. Awesome tastes in music and literature. Zena's are always right.
Person 1: Hey, I bet against a Zena today and lost ):

Person 2: What did I tell you? Zena's are always right!

Person 1: I'm sorry man, I just tried to defy the laws of the universe...

Person 2: Well at least you learnt your lesson.
by JigglyPuff24 June 23, 2011
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kick ass karate-choppin warrior princess
Don't make me go ZENA on your ass bee-otch!!
by a former lovah lovah :P February 4, 2010
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a very beautiful cool nice can be "organ like" LOL amazing person who loves all but stuck up assholes especially people named Zach
wow she such a Zena
by FUCKYEE February 20, 2009
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The best person on earth, certainly better than me (Ryu)
A; whio is the best person to ever live?
B: Zena obvs
by Ryuven January 18, 2021
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An extremely adorable bean. Very beautiful. Deserves all the kisses and cuddles in the world
Lucy: the best bean ever. Or a Zena. Because she is the best be a ever. So cute
by Gay right 3rd ivy's who ouse October 11, 2019
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