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Urbies are a fairly newley discovered stereotype. Basicly on a higher rank of townies, but with the personality and down-to-earthness as trendys. Urbies ages range from 10 up to 30. They come in all different races, shapes, sizes, looks, personalitys and classes.

Unlike townies, urbies don't have to be one class to be in this stereotype, you can be a under-privaliged kid with no money on the streets, or a upper-class rich kid with all the money in the world. A typical urbie is in-between both of these and usually have an average up-bringing.

Male urbies wear tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts and jeans, a bit townie-ish and a bit trendy-ish. Males usually have crew-cuts or short-ish hair, during teenage years, some decide to grow thin mostashes close to the lip. Males don't cover themselves in gold, and keep it minimal. Shoe-wise, they're usually found in trainers.

As for the females, girls don't have a particualar hair-do, most do tend to keep it down though. Make-Up isn't much of an female urbies worries, but they do tend to wear the occasional slap. Style is plain, nothing to frilly and fashionable, but nothing cheap like for eg. Jeans, T-Shirt, Capri-pants etc. Normally in pale shades of pink, red, purple, blue and beige.

Music is a big part of the stereotype, mainly Rap, Garage/House and R&B. This may seem the same as townies but less mainstream than so called 'street' artists like 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Beyonce and the rest. Instead urbies like more of Dr Dre, Jay-Z, Aaliyah and if british, they look up to their home-grown music like Wiley, Zena, M.I.A., The Reelists etc.

Urbies usually hang out with Trendys, but are not fussed over the whole big stereotypic things. The attitude isnt terrificly townie-ish, allthough you shouldn't mess with these.

Over all I'd say Urbies are a very nice stereotype, and is what all the smelly townies wish to be in the near future.
Urbies are so, like Induviduaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.
by urbies are a new generation October 25, 2004
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urbies are a nice set of people who don't really give one . they are just average teenagers doing average things , some good, some bad . well dude i love em!!!!!
i went down town today and met some cool ass urbies , we shaked all night!!!!
by 8 December 12, 2004
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