19 definitions by woodpile

even funnier than laughing your ass off,is laughing like a hyena,the most famous of all laffers.
The funniest thing you ever heard,you couldn't stop laughing,you were LLAH.
by woodpile February 08, 2010
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Laughing So Hard My Ribs Hurt after going to a comedy club and being sore for a week.
After we went to see George Lopez comedy act I LSHMRH.
by woodpile January 23, 2010
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A girl who gives the best blow jobs,she the best of the bobbin when it comes to blowjobs.
To watch her head bobbin up and down like that,she should be awarded the best of the bobbin on the nobbin.
by woodpile January 25, 2010
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pop a hardon in your pants-like your big head in hooded sweatshirt
she bent over with those big tits and I popped an instant hoodie
by woodpile January 20, 2010
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