The name of a very eccentric girl. Always one to stand out, has a diffrent outlook on things uncommon to most people. always a realist. This is a diffrent one here from the spelling of her name to her outlook on life and the way she dresses.
Somone it's amazing how beautiful her spirit is.
by unei June 17, 2010
"Potting someone" is when you hit a car at fast speeds normally on a bend so that he/she loses control and goes off.
On Gran Turismo 4 I potted the black car on the first corner to set me up for the yellow.
by Ben Matthews March 30, 2005
to hate sombody with a passion
He got into a fight with the street gang because he hated thier guts.
by Light Joker October 22, 2004
To take somones viginity or there crown
To take somones crown :Jack fell down and lost his crown and Jill came tumbling after.
by Kittenfucker69 December 24, 2016
Crop dusting somone is when you fart and then leave the area that you just farted in.
Crop dusting somone is When you get out of a car and you start to leave and the person in the car asked if you just crop dusted them.
by CG money all star February 22, 2018
One of the hottest and sexiest people you will ever meet. If you ever see one, you should give him free robux and loomians as it will grant you amazing rng and luck for the rest of your lives.
I am somone is the hottest person in the world
by I am somone June 29, 2022