The top 10 ranked participating schools, followed by the number of recruited Merit scholars, are:

1. Harvard University--378
2. University of Texas--258
3. Yale University--228
4. University of Florida--224
5. Stanford University-217
6. University of Chicago-182
7. Arizona State University--176
8. Rice University-173
9. University of Oklahoma-170
10. Princeton University--165

Looks like UF isnt a third rate school Bill. UF ownz and will always pwnz FSU sucka.
by P huNgy May 17, 2004
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A university in Gainesville, Florida that is a cesspit. The people are rude, obnoxious and above all else, uncivilized. The students, fans and alumni all have a sense of entitlement due to their purchasing of great players, coaches and equipment from the profits of their one true success, Gatorade. Without that beverage, U of F would be on par with the University of Vanderbilt. The University also has the worst dressed fans and students in the nation.
Dude 1: That guy has a gelled, highlighted mullet, jean shorts(jorts) and a wife-beater with dip stains.

Dude 2: Yeah, he is president of his fraternity at the University of Florida.
by Gator Hater March 20, 2011
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4 year university found in the sticks and swamps of Florida in which the students pride themselves on believing they are of Ivy League Status. However, rather than retrieving their heads from their anuses and realizing that both they and Florida State University are Public schools in Florida, they will continue celebrating their recent 2004 win against FSU because it was the first in 18 years (older than any Freshman or Sophomore to remember).
"I go to UF and I think my degree is equal to that of someone who graduated from Oxford University."
by gatorhater February 06, 2005
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The best public college in the world in education and athletics!
We are the boys from old Florida
Where the girls are the fairest,
The boys are the squarest
Of any old state down our way
We are all strong for old Florida
Down where the old Gators play
In all kinds of weather
We'll all stick together
for F-L-O-R-I-D-A
-The University of Florida
by xHilarious iFunny November 11, 2014
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An institution located in a malaria infested swamp--once noted for it football team which since 1998, has lost 5 out of 6 of its matchups against superior rival, Florida State University.
With the dismal leadership of Steve Spurrier the Washington Redskins pulled a University of Florida and ended the season with an abysmal 5-11 season.
by Bill May 02, 2004
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Has the largest collection of ugly hicks in the country and 97% of all degrees earned appear to be in dickbag personality theory. Also sucks Florida States large garnet and gold penis in football every year
Guy #1: Hey I just got into the University of Florida?
Guy #2: Dude isn't that the one that's lost to Florida State 4 years in a row in football?
Guy #1: Dammit you're right. Suppose I'll just live in a cave instead
Guy #2: Good choice man
by Davy Cockett July 02, 2017
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