A kick ass college. FSU is the premier school in the state of Florida. While it has managed to POWN UF and UM in every way, it has also been deemed to have the sexiest female students in the state.FSU students have often been found teabagging the shit out of UF students because they are bitches.
Bro 1: Do you go to Florida State University?

Bro 2: Yes, I do.

Bro 1: Dude, did you see Tim Tebow the other day?

Bro 2: Yeah, I teabagged the shit out of that bitch while some ugly ass UF girls were watching.
by Peter McAllister April 1, 2007
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The greatest institution of higher learning in the state of Florida. Notable achievements include the 1993 and 1999 College Football Championships and two Heisman Trophy winners. Top ranked programs in business, social sciences, & arts and sciences. ALSO known as FSU
What did the FSU grad say to the UF grad? Will the defendant please rise.
by Bill May 2, 2004
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The elite university in the State of Florida. The oldest historical campus in the State of Florida. Usually sends it's rejects to the University of Florida.
That poor bastard couldn't get accepted to FSU, I guess he has to enroll at UF.
by Steve Spurrier June 30, 2004
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A shitty school where all you have to do is be on an athletic team to get immunity from arrest.
Jameis Winston goes to Florida State University, so he won't be arrested for shoplifting or rape.
by xHilarious iFunny November 7, 2014
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FSU, is a very Prestigious College. The weird part is, F.S.U. means fuck shit up. How would you like it to go to fuck sh...uh, i mean FLorida State University.
John: Where you going to school these days Bob?

Bob: I'm going to Florida State University.

John: FSU?

Bob: Ya.

by Steve-O11505 December 24, 2006
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A former all girls school that made the transition to a coed university in order to obtain better nationl status. Their football program is owned by the University of Miami due to the Hurricanes owning FSU almost every time they meet on the field.
"Hey, remember the last time Florida State beat Miami in football?"
"Me either."
by hexum January 20, 2005
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This is the global capital for UF rejects, it is home to the most down syndrome male students, along side smashable, 10/10 females. 99% of its graduates end up working at Petco and/or Chick-Fil A for the entirety of their lives. Also home to the Seminoles, and world-renowned rapist, Jameis Winston.
Johnny is a retard that is failing every subject, therefore, Johnny will attend THE Florida State University and cry himself to sleep everyday.
by ThePenetratorAKANicoleGavarrhe February 2, 2016
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