United Airlines, Inc., commonly referred to as United, is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is the world's third-largest airline when measured by revenue, operates a comprehensive domestic and international route network, and has significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The motto of the company: If we can't beat the competition, we beat our customers.
Hey, why is your face covered with blood?
I bought a United Airlines ticket.
by TheSporadic April 12, 2017
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Used as a verb; Beating the shit out of someone and then forcing them to leave.
The movie theater usher just United Airlines the guy in the 3rd row because his seat was reserved.
by YaBoiKras April 11, 2017
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The best Airline if you want to get thrown off for no reason.
Man, did you see that doctor get thrown off of a United Airlines flight for no reason?
by BoredomIsReal April 10, 2017
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1) The biggest piece of shit airline in the world. If you thought that Ryanair was bad, think again. They shove continuous delays up your ass and then show no sympathy or remorse for the inconvenience. Rated one of the worst airlines in terms of on-time arrivals and departures.

2) The best way to destroy expensive luggage.

3) A term to describe being ripped off.

4) Fraud.
I paid for carry-on luggage handling at United Airlines. When I arrived at my hotel room in Boston, my laptop screen was shattered. I paid for the fucking thing, and now United refuses to compensate me for it, those assholes.
by Boeing777-300 April 12, 2017
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An airline that removed its paid customer by using excessive force.
Jerry: I just booked my ticket for my trip.
Tom: I hope you didn't choose United Airlines cause it is the absolute crap.
by WeAreLOL April 10, 2017
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A secret fighting organization disguised as an airline company.
Person 1: "you wanna avoid flying United Airlines"
Person 2: "why?"
Person 1: "their policies got people fighting for seats"


"Rule Number One, you don't talk about United Airlines"
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A very peaceful airline which does NOT re-accommodate their customers using force as they would never overbook their flights.
"I'm flying United Airlines today, wish me luck!"
by ZKOS April 12, 2017
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