2 definitions by Prandooj Gupta

Adverb. Done with sincerity, particularly with regard to something that would normally be done ironically
Okay, I know you’re joking but I unironically like Kpop
by Prandooj Gupta February 18, 2019
A term used predominantly by African Americans and Socially Liberal, identity politics obsessed Americans to try and sound humorous when referring to white people, usually accompanied by wild, sweeping generalizations. I urge you to never take anyone that uses this term seriously.
"Ypipo always racist and shit like actin all oppressive and privileged by speaking and being polite to POC when my people should never interact with ypipo they're too privileged and insufferable for that"
-"Talcum X" Shaun King, white social media activist and liberal spokesperson (sic)
by Prandooj Gupta March 23, 2017