2 definitions by the foochie

1) true/factual. Used in political slang and used ironically in memes.
2) someone/something that is cool and/or speaks the truth
1) leftist: capitalism is bad
Leftist 2: based
2) conservative: Ben Shapiro is based.
3) leftist: socialism is based.


Person 1: I’m gonna say the n word
Person 2: based
by the foochie January 13, 2022
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Someone who scolds others for not being woke enough.
Person 1: this white liberal screeched at me because I said the word lunatic. They said it was a slur for bipolar people. When I told them I was bipolar, they got on their knees and started begging for my forgiveness.

Person 2: that guy must be a wokescold.
by the foochie February 11, 2022
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