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A gang activity in which someone attacks a white victim, chosen at random. It may or may not be a rite of initiation, or it may be a way to terrorize white people and drive them out of gang-occupied neighborhoods. Attacks are often serious and sometimes deadly.
Yo Dreymar, time to do some polar bear hunting. Gotta let em know whose streets these is.
by tp217 December 21, 2021
Suffering from dementia pugilistica.
I ain't punchy, I just got what they call a relaxed brain.
by tp217 November 27, 2021
It refers to flatulence. I swear it does! We were 16 at the time. Please stop looking into my yearbook.
Judge, have you boofed yet?
by tp217 May 4, 2021
Balls, background, and lighting. The keys to a high-quality dick pic.
by tp217 March 26, 2020
This generation's equivalent of "like, totally." An adverb used to add emphasis only.
"Omg that's unironically so true."
by tp217 May 5, 2022
(When used to describe a comedian or comic performance) Formulaic, repetitive, sticking to the same material or style of performance.
I watched a few episodes but got bored after a while. The show just got too schticky.
by tp217 March 23, 2022
Though in mathematics and in formal use, "exponentially" describes something which is growing and whose rate of growth is accelerating, in casual use the word is bastardized and is simply a generic intensifier. See also: "literally."
"Dude, I am exponentially high right now."
by tp217 March 8, 2021