Sykkuno, which is the name he goes by, is one of the biggest twitch streamers out there. He is a Gemini, born in June 4, 1992. He is known for being a really wholesome and calm streamer, his voice is soothing and his commentary is innocent, funny and occasionally witty. He is also known for being a simp to many other streamers, such as Disguised Toast and CORPSE. He is part of the Three Amigos, which includes Toast and Rae. Right now he is living with Offline tv, where he "looks for social interaction" and "waddles like a penguin".

Some of his most famous quotes are:

"I'm just a small streamer for fun"
"Girls just aren't into me like that"
"I need to pay my water bill, guys"
and many more!
He has one of the biggest and simpiest female audiences out there but he refuses to admit it.
I love you Sykkuno, please accept that you do have a huge female audience, written by a girl who is into you like that.
by ale is a simp November 11, 2020
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Sykkuno is a calm twitch streamer with a soothing voice. He is friends with lilypichu and all of Offline TV. His birthday is June 5th. He is really wholesome and greatful for his followers and friends.
I love it when Sykkuno does chill Minecraft streams with Valkyrae
by .heyiloveyou. June 5, 2020
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He streams on, and does YouTube. Anime protagonist. Collects shrimps everyday and everywhere. Part of the infernal twins, part of the amigos, & J10. (not sure if he is also in salad gang). He has a high water bill. He has a harem. His family pet is Bimbus, the so-called spoiled dog. Likes spicy chicken nuggets w/ranch. He’s a Benjammin brother. He’s a shrimp for shark girl (Gawr Gura). He now lives in Ryan’s basement. ALSO, The best human to exist. And that’s on what? PERIOD!
Boy: “Hey, have you heard of Sykkuno?”
Girl: “Who’s that?”
Boy: *in shock* “WHAT?!? He’s literally the best human in the world!”
Girl: “SIMP!”
Boy: “SHRIMP actually, and what if I am huh?, what’re ya gonna do about it!?!”
Girl: *suprised*
by valeriaisashrimp March 3, 2021
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He's that one guy who insists girls aren't into him when literally everyone is after him. It's his world as you'll realize eventually. He has undefeatable plot armor and a special way of dodging questions that involve more than he is willing to admit.

He also has this affinity to him and inevitably becomes the light of your life the more you get attached to him. This is the man you will simp forever for. This is the guy who trolls a lot but still finds a way to make everyone laugh along with him. He is the personification of warmth and exudes this aura of calm and cunning. There is no one more charismatic than him and no one who likes to 'sadge farm' as much. He can make you cry as easily as he can make you laugh.

And he's dangerous in his own way. Disappointing him will become your ultimate fear if you ever encounter him (unlikely as it is). Recently he has been more ruthless and more confident and has earned himself the nickname "cactuskkuno" by Valkyrae (one of his bestfriends), a moniker of his spiky nature.

He is like a cat in more ways than one and before you realize it you will be doing his bidding thinking it was your choice. The founder of the Amigops, this man has a precious smile and an even more precious heart.

*sighs* thanks for coming to my TED Talk
Person 1: Why are crying at your screen dude? What's wrong?
Person 2: Istg it's the fucking music bro...why does he have to make me cry? like he's not even leaving the city...he'll be back for sure. But the damn sadge farming...It's killing me
Person 1: Who's making you cry? What music? Wtf is Sadge farming?
Person 2: Sykkuno, dude, who else?..I-I hate him...Ihatehimsomuch *sobs*
Person 1 (stares): You're fucking weird.

Person 2 (sniffles): I know.
by damndaddy >.< November 24, 2021
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Often compared to a leaf for he is often calming, goes with the flow and radiates peace. A guy that any girl would be super lucky to have. The epitome of wholesomeness.
Sykkuno (that's it, no need to explain)
by Calming Leaf February 11, 2022
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The closest thing there is to a perfect human being.
Sykkuno is so great! He’s kind, funny, entertaining, and just a joy to watch.
by Unsimp March 17, 2022
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A kawaii youtuber known for his CRAAAZY commentary. He's also married to Love2020.
Sykkuno's ships are Lilykkuno and Lovekkuno
by LoLkk January 6, 2015
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