4 definitions by Amazing Gook

n., A Vietnamese-American who has unbelievable talents, none of which, however, are of any use to any other human.
Word. That Hung dude is an amazing gook. That's too bad.
by Amazing Gook February 13, 2004
1. n., a phrase used to describe one of Vietnamese descent who is ballin'.

2. n., one who is a Vietnamese-American who can take it to the hole (on the court and off); see playa

3. n., an Asian-American who is tite with the homies

4. n., an overall cool Gook
Dayom nikka, that Tony is one amazing gook.
by Amazing Gook January 27, 2004
1. adj., a phrase used to describe an odor so horrendous as to originate from a place not of this Earth, for example, Hell or Chicago.

2. adj., To have a rodent of abnormal size, crawl into one's mouth, die, be regurgitated, eaten, and breathed on you during conversation. See fart
1. That Tim, what a shit for brains, his ass smells of peanuts. What an ungodly stench!

2. Tim must've eaten a pile of fresh dog dung, 'cuz his breath is an ungodly stench.
by Amazing Gook January 27, 2004