3 definitions by CcapriciousS

between 3am and 4am, no one is ever up and about during that time
by CcapriciousS March 21, 2016
When you eat a cake from the store with green icing you get to shit a green shit
OMG! I just shit a green shit!
by CcapriciousS November 17, 2016
To be "split" or temporarily regarded or accused by a person as being all bad.
Painted black

"He is not as black as they have painted him."

"I see my red door and I want to paint it black. No colors any more I want them to turn black...I look inside myself and see my heart is black...Maybe I'll just fade away and not have to face the facts. It's not easy to face up when my whole world is black."

A red door is a symbol of success.
by CcapriciousS November 17, 2016