When someone thinks they are hilarious but they aren't.Usally makes shit jokes and refrences memes very often.
Ray is very unfunny, he makes people cry but not with laughter but with great sadness.
by TR4N5G3ND3R March 20, 2019
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Something comedic or memeable that is not in the least funny, yet you can't stop looking at it.
"Did you see this meme over here?"
"Oh, that has got to be the most unfunny meme I have seen. I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT!"
by Backward-Drawback January 29, 2021
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Uncyclopedia, trying to be the politically correct, SFW clone of Encyclopedia Dramatica, is one of the most unfunny sites on the internet.
by Colder August 24, 2011
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Someone like Lily Singh, King Bach, or Hannah Stocking who default to bad sex jokes, dumb faces/noises, or orange man bad jokes. Unfunny is a word that can apply to others who use this same humor, or it can be used to describe any bad meme, video, gif, etc.
The gif shown below is a gif of Lily Singh, the unfunny one listed above.
Person 1: Hey guys, that's what she said!!1!!!1!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! KONO DIO DA!!!! THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!!!!
Every other rational being over the age of 2: Shut the fuck up you dumb unfunny piece of shit. I would like nothing more than to hear you scream after your head has been slammed into a waffle iron.
by "Your-mom-gay"-smart_bebe June 17, 2021
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