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a phony version of Wikipedia that is generated using Wikia that provides humorous articles about subjects, usually the articles have nothing to do with the real thing. Example: Dark matter being a sweetening.
Uncyclopedia Wikia
by 2_Z_Zach June 28, 2012
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Parody site of Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia, a site composed of humoristic and nonsensical content, Uncyclopedia features only whole truths. Articles such as Poop Cuisine and Kitten Huffing - subjects indefinetly censored and rejected by Wikipedia moderation due to their being too down to earth - are abundant in Uncyclopedia and are open to all. Uncyclopedia is every highschool student's best friend.
Uncyclopedia helped me get straight A's on all my papers and got me through highschool! Thanks, Uncyclopedia!
by E16 May 02, 2006
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basically wikipedia in a state of anarchy. no complaints here.
Lets go to uncyclopedia and see what hilarious articles they have on it!
by nono yawns November 09, 2007
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An amusing site that doesn't rely solely on shock value , porn pictures and excessive profanity for "teh lulz".

It explains how to be funny and not just stupid.
ED is good for a chuckle , but all the dead baby jokes and memes get old after awhile. Uncyclopedia is funnier IMO.
by queen_azure February 18, 2008
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A satirical parody wiki founded in 2005 by Stillwaters and Chronarion and currently hosted by Wikia. It is on the whole tamer and less offensive than the Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Uncyclopedia is one of the funniest websites around.
by Anonymous15 December 01, 2007
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Better than Encyclopedia Dramatica because it's more thought-out and doesn't rely on Tubgirl for "humor"/shock value.
Wow, this Uncyclopedia article is funny because it demonstrates satirical knowledge of the subject instead of approaching it from the same lame 4chan perspective every time!
by Acrimony October 03, 2007
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