something that you are able to make a meme out of
That is a memeable photograph!
by Honeybunny99 November 1, 2016
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able to be made into a meme
Sam R: That picture of him is so memeable
Bobby: Yeah I know I've made 5 memes using it already
by b0bby h3isenb3rg June 14, 2012
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An adjective that could describe an Extremely Interesting intriguing and facinating person or distorted idea that could be made into a meme
The Most professional MATH 137 prof, Cornad is memeable.
by Betty Q December 10, 2017
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An occurrence, situation, something said or a joke that can be used to create a meme
"hey Tony, I think you just said something memeable"
by Stormtrooper 678 April 17, 2016
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Rose makes funny memes. She has memeability.
by Bluedoorgirl April 6, 2017
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When someone seems funny to the point where you think they'll star in an authentic meme;
Stupid but funny.
She's so memeable; she awkwardly bumps people in the hall all the time it's so funny.
by Vitamin E Vasseline Lotion November 26, 2017
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