A person that attempts to copy and be funny like a close friend/relative of theirs but doesn't succeed. They will actually attempt to do this in public causing an awkward silence. When they do this you will wish you had a shovel to dig a hole for them and bury them in it because they are too clueless to realize their unfunniness.

You can insert anyone's name that IS funny and witty after the word unfunny. For instance, Mary is funny and her sister Jane Doe tries to be funny but is not. In that case we would call Jane Doe unfunny mary.
Girl: Wow. Unfunny James is at it again.
Guy: Where is James?
Girl: Quick, get me a shovel before he tells another joke!
Guy: Where is James?
Girl: Um.
by Bunnyisfunny August 28, 2010
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Memes that you can find on tiktok or anywhere on social media unfunny. basically saying that people who post memes or do trends are unfunny like LITERALLY not funny.
Posts a meme.

Me: "that's literally the most unfunny memes that this guy posted"
by peachyunc0l0 March 4, 2023
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Something so not funny that it makes you mentally vomit. When these kind of unfunny moments come up in a croud of people then the person who says it gets it ripped.
-When the chicken crosses the ro....
-hideously unfunny
by solomonf January 11, 2009
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A joke that is meant to be funny but isn't. It will often kill the atmosphere at parties and social events (Unfunny Joke conventions excluded).

The joke could be unfunny because it has no pay off, it is said in the wrong way or is too hard or complex for the audience to understand. Other reasons for the joke being unfunny is that it is blatantly plagiarised.

Q: What's the opposite of Progress?

A: Congress.


Q: What is Gandalf's grandad called?

A: Grandalf.


Q: A man walks into a bar effing and blinding.
by Light Brown Carpet April 16, 2014
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the moment in which the comedy of the scene becomes so unfunny that it warps back around to being funny.
“that skit was so torturously a dud… that it made me laugh. it entered the unfunny valley…”
by shamrocksunglasses November 24, 2021
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