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fictional college course that is used to mock the typical course load taken by the average Division 1 basketball or football "student-athlete".
Advisor: This semester I'm gonna have you take Basketball Theory 101, Geography 100, College Seminar 101 and Underwater Basket Weaving 101 so we can keep you eligible.
Athlete: I don't know if I can handle all that
Advisor: It's okay, we have individual tutors for each of those classes that will do your homework for you.
by quiggler March 05, 2007
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A term used to specify something completely useless. Something that isn't worth a dime.
"Man, I feel like I just graduated underwater basketweaving!"
"Why don't you go practice your underwater basketweaving!"
by Truero December 01, 2005
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A complex term used for sex; it takes two guys and a girl, or whatever you are into. One person receives the action, preferably a girl, while the guy or the other girl eats her out so hard and aggressive like weaving a basket. The other guy or girl would pour a bottle of fancy ass water, to give the simulation of being underwater.
"Hey, lets have a three way do some underwater basket weaving!"
Yeah let's do it!
by Eroom Rolyat November 16, 2016
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Something to write on sweat pants if there is nothing else to, often followed by numbers 1-7 no one knows where this practice comes from however it is largely considered random without cause and just because/ why not?
I don't know what to put on the sweatpants!
me neither!
how about underwater basket weaving then the numbers 1-7?
sounds good buddy
by mchch September 08, 2009
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