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There are several defenitions of a Laffy Taffy

First, a Laffy Taffy, is, of course, a delectable sweet produced by Nestle. Children and adults of all ages enjoy this treat.

The second defenition is slightly more complex.
Yes, a laffy taffy is a posterior, generally female, but, more specifically, a "laffy taffy" is when said female is shaking her ass and, after she stops shaking it, the ass continues to jiggle for a couple of seconds (depending on the size of the ass). The process of the ass still jiggling even after its owner has stopped shaking it is known as the "laffy taffy".
1. I ate 50 Laffy Taffys on Halloween
2. Man, look at that girl's Laffy Taffy!
by quiggler November 28, 2005
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we're like 7-11, always open, not always doing business.
by quiggler August 9, 2007
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Michael Jordan, the baddest dude ever to lace up a pair of sneakers. The only hooper ever to have a title worthy of a king.
Man you can't stop His Airness...you can only hope to contain him (NBA Street)
by quiggler September 20, 2006
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Tupac's crackhead mother. Recently opened an "arts center" in honor of her son, which means, of course, to make money off her son. She would still be a whore running the streets had her son not become famous and does not deserve a second of anyone's time.
Afeni Shakur is riding in the coattails of her son, no one should care what this cokehead has to say.
by quiggler November 25, 2005
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a word of advice from one lil' wayne, as he is about to make it rain.
Weatherman: "Kindly make sure to grab an umbrella before you leave the house today, Mr. Wayne has been spotted in the vicinity with large amounts of cash and several bottles of Patron"
by quiggler August 16, 2007
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Racist rapper. Blames 'the white man' for everything. Incredibly weak raps.
Yeah I got the Kanye West CD....but it's bootlegged.
by quiggler November 23, 2005
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In college basketball terms, a verbal (commitment) is an oral agreement between the player and a university indicating that the player will stop looking at other schools and that the coach can safely assume that he has landed his recruit. This is followed by the signing of a Letter of Intent. A verbal commitment is technically non-binding and has been the cause of much controversy in recent years, as athletes have begun to "de-verbalize" at a growing rate, causing consternation for coaching staffs and the NCAA.
Eric Gordon backed out of his verbal commitment to the University of Illinois, choosing rather to attend Indiana University
by quiggler August 12, 2007
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