Conversation due to an epic fail in the system (division by zero):

"But that's not po--"
by Tokyo-Angel December 7, 2008
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If Satan and the Lord are divided against themselves their kingdoms cannot stand and are coming to an end.
Division by zero. Division of a family. Division squadron.

How can Satan and the Lord cast out Satan and the Lord? Surely if the Lord and Satan cast themselves out their kingdoms cannot stand and are coming to an end. In this case it is a dead heat draw and tie in which, again, Nobody is the clear winner. Nobody wins again.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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Regional building in charge of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) (24)
The order had to be cleared by Division before CTU could proceed.
by mike September 27, 2004
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tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.
the highly divisive issue of abortion
by Geekmania November 20, 2015
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divisible means can be divided, but not necessarily evenly.

divide and conquer
As in a swing party.
The women are divisible.
by drako2015 March 12, 2014
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Somebody who has an invisible disability like Autism, OCD or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
Your Divisibility is not what defines you. Your actions do.
by Rick Riker August 19, 2017
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