Someone knowledgeable and/or of importance and high standing in an area or feild.
1. Stop addressing me as "Dr. Cox" in front of your patients. When they find out my actual name, they tend to page me with questions when they realize just exactly how inept you really are. Oh, and as an added safety measure, from now on, I'll only be responding to "Doc," "Doctor," "Ceasar," or "The Big Cheese;" and noooo, I'm _not_ joking.

2. My dad can get us on the moon within the hour. He's a big cheese at NASA...
by NapalmStxToKids January 8, 2006
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Person who works within 4 glass walls, mostly in charge of managing the mucky mucks.
I am the almighty big cheese. Get me my septor.
by gary b. February 9, 2004
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Someone who can be a very big criminal and/or may be wearing a hat, typically either a beanie or fedora. Often the head of a crime ring (Or multiple crime rings), similar to someone with the alias "Big Tony" or "Frank Sinatra". Will insist on being referred to as "The Big Cheese" rather than their actual name, even when talking with friends. Will have an odor of feta, cheddar, gouda, blue cheese, swiss, provelone, brie, American?, pepper jack, parmesan, or gerbils, but only one at a time. The true name of someone with "The Big Cheese" as their alias is often concealed, but have often been found to have stupid names that are one syllable and contain four letters.
Ryan's Friend: Hey, I think that "The Big Cheese" is kind of bad at Clash Royale.

The Big Cheese: I'm going to have my underling Smooth Jimbo rub you out for that comment, you sack of overused marmalade. Then I'll put so many holes in you that you'll look like that piece of Swiss Cheese I slammed down my gullet this morning.
by The Small Cheese July 8, 2022
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Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Martin Österdahl. First used by Julia Sanina at Semi-Final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.
He's the Big Cheese, the top dog, it's Mr. Eurovision himself, Martin Österdahl!
by Rigel ESC May 11, 2023
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when someone gives you a big ass smile showing interest(sexually) in you or your physical appearance.
damn boy you see that girl, she just gave us the big cheese.
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