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when a cop is disguised as a civilian in order to collect information or make an arrest. Commonly used by police to fight prostitution and drug trafficing.
Some punk ass cop on deep cover came over to the corner and caught ronnie with an eighth in his coat pocket.


Oh man, I've been dealin' with you for three motherfuckin' months and you ain't hit the pipe in front of me yet!

So what you sayin'?

I think you 5-0

5-0? Man, I ain't no motherfucking cop!.

Well hit this motherfucker then...

(takes a hit) Pffffffft

Deep Cover - Dr. Dre. & Snoop Dogg (1992)
by g cams April 11, 2006
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Under Cover cops are not known to civilians but are to police. Deep cover are cops not known to other cops and do not normally identify themselves to other cops. Deep Cover are far more covert than undercover. The Departed with Leonardi DiCaprio is a good example of Deep Cover.
We all know who the guys undercover are at the precinct but none of us know the deep covers.
by G2G 0744 April 27, 2017
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