Yet another useless unfunny dumb word ruining a til tok comment section
by ur mommy’s big bittys March 31, 2022
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Adjective: Crop is used to define behaviors or people that are lame, whack, sneaky or otherwise unpleasant to the observer
My homeboys left me at the house when they went to Miami, they crop as a b***h yo.
by KaliGarden March 4, 2021
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"I just had a toke on a bong full of crop"
by _nightshade June 2, 2007
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a "crop" is the letter by letter inverse of a "porc", but its signification is more directed to a person. A crop is someone who does stupid things, embarassing things, someone who is generally not liked by people with good values. The word "cropman" or "croplad" can sometimes be used.
"Yeah you know I was just walking down the streets and saw this crop, awful sight"
"In the crop circles you always come across these cropmen, pisses me off..."
"Hey have you read The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot ? Oh no wait I mean the Cropland"
by Ravenizer November 6, 2013
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Crop is similar to the slang term " Lit."
Hey man your hair is looking CROP today !
by Bubba gump56 September 6, 2017
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To trip up and fall
or speaking about someone who fell (cropped)
Watch you don't crop on the curb!
She full on cropped whilst on the dance floor!
by Patel January 14, 2004
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