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A term used in Virginia (mostly Petersburg), referring to the way something is done or how someone is acting. It is usually used to say something/someone is lame or extra.
Person 1: You know Daja got caught stealing some clothes from Pink yesterday.

Person 2: That’s CROP.
by JohnnyCakes3000 May 16, 2018
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(v) take someone out the picture; injure; chop someone's legs (in a game).
he wa puttin his nose in my business so I went an cropped that fool
by Fineyo December 31, 2014
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One's hair, or hairstyle. Your "do".
"Yo man, whatchwrong wit yo crop!" or "I went to Cost Cutters and got this wicked crop."
by The Squeasel August 26, 2003
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Organic marajuana. Pesticides are not used on this type of marajuana. Also incorporated with the word "dig"
"Sup bruh you want me to dig you up some crops??"

"Nigga stop diggin' on my crops!!"
by holdmiester May 22, 2008
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a "crop" is the letter by letter inverse of a "porc", but its signification is more directed to a person. A crop is someone who does stupid things, embarassing things, someone who is generally not liked by people with good values. The word "cropman" or "croplad" can sometimes be used.
"Yeah you know I was just walking down the streets and saw this crop, awful sight"
"In the crop circles you always come across these cropmen, pisses me off..."
"Hey have you read The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot ? Oh no wait I mean the Cropland"
by Ravenizer November 06, 2013
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