When you say "no" with attitude or sass
Girl/Boy I don't like:Can I copy the 12 page homework
Me:um no
by k_19@rosebud September 24, 2018
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The word used when the speaker is unable to find the correct term.
I am supposed to um... use this word in a sentence.
by Elizabeth Grey July 9, 2016
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sound which verbally comes out the mouth. the other variation is uh and they both mean nothing
by Lukasucksatdefinitions May 4, 2020
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More recently used to unintentionally irritate people who prefer straight forward answers. Literally, "something is urgently wrong but instead of me just immediately telling you, you must figure it out yourself in the amount of time it takes me to make this sarcastic and unhelpful remark."

Can be typed as well.
Example, this used to be proper protocol in an urgent situation--
Bob: "Joe, watch out for that large pothole you seem to be unknowingly driving into."
Joe: (avoiding pothole) “Thank you for your timely and straight-forward warning. I appreciate you using the first sentence after you were alerted to this danger to tell me about this pothole, instead of uttering a one-worded, useless phrase.”

Modern protocol, same situation--
Bob: (sarcastically) "Um..." Joe: “What?..... What?” (car drives into pothole)
Bob: “Wow, good job.”
by Jake Gus December 1, 2004
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an answer commenly used when your screwed.
dad: "did you have sex with my daughter?"

man: "um..."
by cheya July 6, 2008
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The sound you make when you nibble on someone through use of your lips.
"You just got ummed haha" - J
by danteeee December 25, 2008
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