12 definitions by Lukasucksatdefinitions

tall person who does not like being called french
p1: hi louis how r u?
p2: stop calling me french
by Lukasucksatdefinitions May 25, 2020
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a female/male name originating from Africa

they can sometimes be smart but other times be acting as if they had 2 bottles of EEEE juice
Nakiso, why?
by Lukasucksatdefinitions May 5, 2020
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A Youtuber Known For Humping Plants, Looking At Youtube Analytics, Playbuttons And His Past Days Of Tooting His Kazoo At Hackers On Minecraft.
P1: "Hey do you remember Jacksucksatlife?"
P2: "Yeah he was the person who humped a plant!"
by Lukasucksatdefinitions April 30, 2020
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oh no! but with more urgency and missing 2 characters
ono what happend!?!?
by Lukasucksatdefinitions April 29, 2020
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a youtuber who exposes people and hates his friend
p1: Do u watch optimus?
p2: no
by Lukasucksatdefinitions May 25, 2020
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