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An exclamation made after the realization one has fucked up beyond repair.
Dude, I just shot your mom! Uh-oh Spaghetti-oh's
by Liam Waterbottom November 17, 2003
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An expression of regret over a goof: oops. From a 1970s TV commercial for Franco-American SpaghettiOs, a canned pasta dinner sometimes with meatballs or sliced frankfurters. Another Homer Simpson quote.
by LudwigVan November 13, 2003
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(N.) Homer Simpson's (II) Catch phrase in the short-lived Fox Dramedy, "Police Cops." Originally, a suave, stereotypical Policeman, Homer Simpson (II) was retooled into a fat, bumbling, Chris-Farley-esque doofus, who's catchphrase was always "Uh-Oh-Spaghetti-O's!" which was taken from the pasta of the same name.
Homer: "I just helped out in the Toys-for-Guns program."
Chief: "Homer! It's Guns-For-Toys!"
Homer: "Uh-oh spaghetti-o's"
by G-Union November 25, 2003
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1. A phrase to describe a situation gone awry.

2. A phrase that is used to bring offense to a woman who just had a miscarriage.

3. A phrase associated with a canned soup tasting of old ketchup and cheap noodles.
"Did you just bust in my vag?!?" "Uh oh, Spaghettio's!"

"Ever since my miscarriage, I've never been the same." "Uh oh, Spaghettio's!"

"Tastes Like Ass for 100. This phrase was associated with a Campbell's soup product." "What is uh oh spaghettio's?"
by Bilbo B4ggins September 23, 2009
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cop: "Sir are there any drugs or any weapons ion your vehicle that I should know about?"
me: "No sir!"
cop: "HOLY SHIT there is over 10 punds of weed in your trunk"
me: "uh-oh spaghetti-o's!!!"
by MetalHead November 23, 2004
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usually when something goes wrong or you just started having drunken sex to realise its your sister!
"i think ive caught my scrote in my zipper " "uh oh spaghetti o's"!
by matt and the winz March 16, 2004
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A term used by a friend or affiliate of a person who propagates some sort of trouble, using this term is a last-resort where trouble is imminent and realistically is never used by the perpetrator receiving the outcome of his wrong-doing, mishap or misdemeanor on the flip side.

May also be substituted for spaghetti-hoes when a skanky skiny broad trundles past.
Example 1, of Uh-oh spaghetti-os:

Person 1: Why is that jock steam-rolling in our
direction, he's striding like we're the feast after his

Person 2: Well I got his dumb ass broad into bed and left
my calling card.

Person 1: Well what's that?

Person 2: Haven't you heard what they say about me? They
call me the nerd with the brain in his wingless, NOT
skinless larger than your average sea bird plane.

Person 1: Well *gulp*, which spot should we present him
with to beat on?

Person 2: Well, *points to spot and lifts shirt up a
slight amount* I think I have a slight slip disc just
above my pelvis; thing's been killin' me; maybe he can
thump it back into position.

Person 1: Right... is it to late to refer back to the old
wrongly timed but always brilliantly quipped phrase Uh-oh
spaghetti-os in such times of imminent trouble?

Person 2: It would appear that way.

Example 2:

"Look at that thin piece of spaghetti figured ass" said Wanda."I
could curl that scrawny length of disgrace right into a pasta shell." She went on: "I
mean you don't see black spaghetti hoes like that
none-too-often. Must be hard for her to find a partner,
must need a man build like the graphite in a pencil -
aye aint your Ray the perfect fit!?". "Yeah!?" retorted Donna with an on the sly tinge of surprise on her breath after hearing the sardonic remarks of her portly pal, "Wanda, you could also use her as a tooth-pick what with that 15 centimeter gap hanging between those prominent front teeth o' yours."

You must understand I'd been listening to sir Mixalot - that's why I used black people as an example, in no way racist here people. Hope that was received with chuckles and not raised knuckles.
by Robert Head April 12, 2007
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