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The pseudonym replacing a male who is considered goodlooking, sexy and has an overall charm about him.
Bob: "My name is Udit because im a sexy beast.."
by tha masta April 20, 2005
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To look up an unfamiliar slang term in the Urban Dictionary.
Ray: Man that girl was so freaky I took home last night, in the middle of hittin' it, she told me she wanted a Cleveland Steamer afterwards.
Mike: Huh? Whats a Cleveland Steamer?
Ray: Fool, go home and UD It!
by Cruehead September 23, 2008
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A strange, fat Indian boy who stalks girls called ‘Freya’, this child also likes to finger himself. Udit is also addicted to eating curry sandwiches filled with ‘cum curry’ and making strange noises. Udit also owns the world’s most fucked up hairline and needs to shave his moobs. He also likes to bleach his fish and watch gay Bollywood Porn.
Udit, you need a shave
by MamboIsStrange March 11, 2019
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Udit is the name of a person who has extremely large penis. He is a awesomely sexy. He is a great strategist and a woman magnet
Udit is one beast of a person
by yunnyioan June 01, 2018
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