University of Chronically Low Ambition (otherwise known as UC Los Angeles); there isn't much else to be said..
Students at UCLA spend too much effort trying to downplay USC so as to justify their public school degree (after 6 years there, you start to have second thoughts)
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Ugly Caucasians Living with Asians.

The reference to ugly white guys living with normally very attractive Asian women. A negative connotation to the loser white guy streotype who has success solely because of the color of his skin. Also negative connotation to the Asian women who dates only white guys, no matter how ugly or poor because she thinks white guys are superior.
by Sanny June 10, 2005
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UCLA: An acronym for the University of Cadavers, Legs and Arms (also known as the University of California, Los Angeles). This definition was derived from the ordeal in which UCLA was found to have obtained dead bodies and loose parts out of who knows where.
I'm going to USC because I'd like to keep my body in one piece thanks very much.
by Ruby Zib November 12, 2004
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A institution that holds Poor White Trash and Yellow People aka Asians. Its also run on the same system that runs our garbage... No wonder everyone smells bad......
TROJAN "hey whats that smell, oh its ucla"
by TROJANS#1 February 13, 2005
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Cal State I Fucked Your Mom (UCLA as it is commonly known) has over 30,000 clowns currently working toward PhDs.
by Davo April 26, 2005
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Univeristy of California LEFT on ALLENDALE
a.k.a. west valley community college across the street from redwood middle school in saratoga
I'm going to UCLA.
really? i'm going to UC ME At HOME
haha noob
by WFF July 27, 2005
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Acronym: "University Closest to the Lombard Area." Refers to College of DuPage, a suburban Chicago Community College. The school resides in the city of Glen Ellyn, and happens to be close to the town of Lombard.
Where you goin' to school at? I'm goin ta UCLA! Whoa! Allaway out in Cali!? No man, in Glen Ellyn.
by BluesDude December 02, 2004
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