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University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians
"Bro, North Campus is so totally like being in Bejing."
"Dude, that's why they call it 'University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians.'"
by imushroomstampmadtrojanho's August 24, 2004
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acronym for U(you) C(see) Lotsa Asians, a good description of UC Los Angeles.
by batesian mimicry April 13, 2004
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A school with above-average academics in addition to their fine athletics.
TROJAN "hey whats that smell, oh its ucla"

Bruin: "Hey what's that bad grammar and spelling? Oh, it's a Condom."
by TrueBlue September 03, 2005
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The University of California at Los Angeles, founded in 1919 and the largest university in California. Located in Westwood, Los Angeles, it is known for its rigorous academics, creation of the Internet and nationally-renowned NCAA athletics. The Bruins share a long-standing rivalry with the University of Southern California (USC).
Looks like I didn't make it into UCLA, so I'll have to settle for USC and shell out $30K to live in South Central.
by Flopsy August 02, 2004
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A school that has won more NCAA team championships than any school in the nation: 94. In the last 35 years, the Bruins have won 52 NCAA championships, seven more than second-place Stanford and 28 more than third-place USC. Overall, UCLA has won a nation-leading total of 115 collegiate championships -- 94 NCAA crowns and 21 other titles.
UCLA: #1 in NCAA team championships
by Go Bruins May 15, 2005
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One of the top 10 research institutions in the US. Five UCLA faculty members are Nobel Laureates, as are four graduates of UCLA. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is ranked as third in the nation and the best medical center in the Western US. The school anually contributes $6 billion in economic activity to Southern California and has an economic growth that outpaces that of California itself.
UCLA professor Louis J. Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1998 for his research into the medical properties of nitric oxide.
by UCLA Pre-med April 21, 2005
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