Uckings is the plural of Uck-(giving head(sucking Dick(The up and down movement of your mouth over a penis which can erect a penis)))
"Yes I give uckings, Where exactly is your bando?"
by RhiannonBrathwaite April 24, 2015
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to give someone a blowjob} used mainly in London
guy1: what happened wid tanisha
guy2: she gave me uck fam!
guy1: my man!
by capolavish January 29, 2016
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When you give some one heads(suck their dick)
"I gave uck/ucky last night to my bf"
by bluebarrr March 17, 2015
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Person:That girl gives uck
Person 2: What a slag
by RoadQueen May 13, 2018
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He got hit by a car, man his face was ucked.
by login June 10, 2005
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