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A fakeass rapper who has been around a long ass time and still cant do what Mike Jones has done.He left swishahouse to get fame and started beef with mike jones just to sell his albums.Download the song called "ho move" and "advantage jones" from limewire or ares and you will hear how mike jones wrecks on chamilliSQUARE.He will never get as much Cash as anyone in Swisha house.Chamillionaire=ChamilliSQUARE
Chamillionaire and and his click are called CamilliSQUARE and the Color changing TRICKS
by jon_houston_mexican March 18, 2006
Another way of saying Fuck.Used by some parts of northern H town.Originally made up to talk to officials or authority and then the word caught on to be a word.
Wuz up whit it baby u wann uck or what.
by jon_houston_mexican March 29, 2006
One of the funniest(if not the funniest)mexican comedians there is.He is hilarious.He talks about things most mexicans go through in their life.Unlike other jackasses like Carlos Mencia,George Lopez is funny when he talks about Mexican life.
Hey u seen that George Lopez "why u cryin"
Hell yeah that shit's crazy.
by jon_houston_mexican March 29, 2006