an alternaive name for marijuana; to burn a joint
"Eh Drew, down for an ubis?"
"Hundo, I jones."
by Lightning Magg March 16, 2008
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a two inch vaporizer that gets you high as shit
when i blaze with my ubie i cant stop smiling
by Mr D December 15, 2005
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The cheapest & most amazing vaporizer.
All you need is a lighter.
And you will never smoke again.
#1. Yo lets go vape(vaporize) bro..
#2. Yea man let me get my ubie.
#1. Damn we are gonna be stoned...
#2. That thing is amazing it saves me so much herb and i get a much better feeling!
#2. Ever since i hit the ubie ive quit smoking!!
by iQuitSmoking May 15, 2008
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teenage slang for
Ur the best.
Be happy.
I love you.
bye babe, ubi<3
by goobernook June 2, 2011
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Short for "Under Boob Incident." Usually used when referencing a drunk person's marginally scandalous adventures with the base of a woman's breasts.
"Man, Tony was giving out UBI's like he was Santa Claus last night. Boy was he WASTED."
by Aquanetta_Teal July 31, 2015
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An acronym for a cliche popular on meaning: Unsolicited Boobies In Email. The reverse being UWIE for Unsolicited Weener In Email. The U can be dropped if it was ask for, thus no longer being unsolicited.
You'd think after that thread last night, that I would have some UBIE in my email.
by nfkiller May 12, 2006
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Nightclub in Tavira, Algarve (the best town in Portugal).

Discoteca Ubi & Bubi Bar

Rua Almirante Candido Reis - Antiga Fabrica Balsense
8800-000 - Tavira

All the other bars are closed.. lets go to Ubi's
by __. March 3, 2007
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