High as shit. A term used in conjunction with high as fuck. When you are so high that you get tired of the worn out phrase high as fuck, you might incorporate other profanity to substitute the word fuck, in search of some degree of originality amongst peers.
Good god, did I just take 5 bong rips of ghost train haze ? I feel like my brain is a sack of shit. I can't do anything right now.

"Danny, are you high as shit right now ?"

You say this to yourself and realize. You are high as shit.
by partypossum January 18, 2017
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A way of saying you are really, really stoned from smoking alot of Marijuana.
(Josh):Dude, Im high as shit.
(Travis): Hell yeah, me too.
by JustLikeJsh April 27, 2007
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The perfect way to describe ones high after smoking MULTIPLE BOWLS of exotics.
(Josh): Man those bowls were fat
(Eric): Yea im hIGH as SHiT
by teh jeebz June 13, 2007
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1) Completing a task better than anyone could possibly do it. 2) What happens when pros get in the zone and kick complete ass.
When Alex isn't around, the team can get some real high level shit done.
by GTFreek June 5, 2013
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when two guys are sitting on toilets that are next to each other and within arms reach. while they are making bowel movements at the same time, they high-five.
by diet awesome March 1, 2010
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Whenever you are about to shit on yourself and you finally sit on the toilet, the feces then explodes from your asshole. The speed and force from which the shit is ejected causes it to splatter all over the toilet. The thousands of little poop spots that look like freckles on the underneath of the toilet seat are known as shit spatter. It is caused by shit flying out of your butt at such a high speed.
*Husband lifts toilet lid to take a piss..*
Wife: Whatever do you mean sweetheart?
Wife: Omg. I am so sorry. I had a belly ache.
Husband: Hell yeah you did, you nasty bitch!
*Husband and wife both laugh out loud.”
by SpecklemyFreckle April 3, 2020
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Taking a shit in a cramped airplane bathroom while in flight. A pun on "mile high club".
Took a mile high shit during the plane ride home. Stunk up the cabin real bad. I should have taken a pre-flight shit at the airport!
by LonePooper February 3, 2018
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