A word in German that means ''above'' or ''over'' but now is slang and is used in every sentence
John is a uber fag

uber is a very funny word
by Operation: Douchebag August 04, 2006
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I like God.'s definition of uber (submitted Jan. 2, 2004), although I know of an earlier reference than the Dead Kennedy's "California über alles" song. In the late '70s Saturday Night Live had a skit with John Belushi that posed the question "what would've happened if Superman emerged from Nazi Germany?" Answer: he would've been Uberman.
Look! Up in the sky! It's Überman!
by inVinceble August 19, 2004
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British slang

See also: Uber

1) <adjective> Good

2) <prefix> The most superlative

==> The word 'Über' is taken from German and is used in exactly the same way by an English slang speaker as a German speaker would. Über in German literally means 'Over' or 'Above' and is often merged with other German words to emphasise their excellence. e.g. "Übersoldat" or "Over-soldier" literally translated. In English, we would sooner say, "Super-soldier", but the meaning is the same.

Other variations:-


Variant on the spelling of 'Über' with exactly the same meaning only the 'Ü' is replaced with the greek letter 'µ' (Myu).
This is an informal and localised variant and would never be used in formal text.
1) "Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über!"

2) "Holy shit, that is Über-cool!"

1+2) "Holy shit! Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über-Über!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher December 20, 2004
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oh no...i hate this word. it's the epitome of gay.
"uber is uber stupid to say"
by tub girl ass eater April 01, 2005
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A very, very overly used word. Also used by people who want to appear to be cool and intelligent.
1) John: I'm uber awesome!

Kate: no you're not. You left me and our 8 kids!

John: uber-bummer.

2) Uber is the one of the most uberly overused word. I'm seriously annoyed anytime I hear it.
by Koolio1234567 November 20, 2009
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In slang, über is an adjective synonymous with superior, beyond, surpassing, etc. Über retains the meaning from the language it came from, in this case German.
It can be used as an adverb in order to amplify a verb or another adjective's meaning. In may be hyphenated when used in this sense, as shown below.
Günther's über clock can display any desired information in addition to the time.

Engelbert just got this über-cool video game.
by bowlofnoodles September 18, 2006
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