UBER - meaning above, top, the best, nothin above it, totally, very, cant beat, it....u get the idea lol.
"That hat look UBER stupid man" -
That hat looks totally stuipid.

"That chick is UBER hot" -
You cant geta chick hotter than that.
by shugz February 17, 2005
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In slang, über is an adjective synonymous with superior, beyond, surpassing, etc. Über retains the meaning from the language it came from, in this case German.
It can be used as an adverb in order to amplify a verb or another adjective's meaning. In may be hyphenated when used in this sense, as shown below.
Günther's über clock can display any desired information in addition to the time.

Engelbert just got this über-cool video game.
by bowlofnoodles September 18, 2006
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1.emphasism of an adjective, noun, or state of being.
2. can be used as a prefix to a word to stress.
1. omg, that purse is uber pink.
2. Can you get uberfatman to shut up?
by Hallie11 December 22, 2005
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Uber basicly means, mega cool, very good or very high

It is used on the interenet and on forums by usually new members such as noobs or newbs.

It is also the name of a trick used in the game SSX Tricky.
1. Wow, look at the snow! It is coming down Uber Fast!!!
2. Sweet, did you see that Uber I did on Elise!
by Guru222 February 28, 2006
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Whoa! You're in such an uber mood, I think you need to chillax, man! I mean, come on.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
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A very, very overly used word. Also used by people who want to appear to be cool and intelligent.
1) John: I'm uber awesome!

Kate: no you're not. You left me and our 8 kids!

John: uber-bummer.

2) Uber is the one of the most uberly overused word. I'm seriously annoyed anytime I hear it.
by Koolio1234567 November 20, 2009
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